Multi-Raw Processing Technique in Photoshop


This is absolutely something that I actually have by no means used earlier than, so I’m happy that I bumped into this educational.

Essentially, once I typically open up a RAW file in Adobe Camera RAW (I do use Lightroom most of the time for this), I might open into a TIFF or PSD image report.

Calvin Hollywood, who’s definitely in Germany, talks about how he surely opens the RAW report as a Smart Object. The way you do this is by means of holding the shift button while you’re in the Camera RAW conversation, which modifications the Open Image button to Open Object.

The motive that that is powerful is due to the fact whenever you double click on on the Smart Object layer, you’ll reopen the Camera RAW window, which lets in you to readjust the sliders once more. It’s actually like having Lightroom’s non-negative RAW technique in Photoshop. Furthermore, if you proper-click at the RAW clever item layer and pick out New Smart Object via Copy, you may now have a copy of the unique RAW smart item with its personal unbiased Camera RAW changes. This means that you now have a couple of times of the same RAW record with its own dedicated Camera RAW settings.

The example he suggests in his Youtube video is including the crunchy HDR-like information on the second layer, but the use of the colors from the first layer. He adjustments the mixing mode of the 2d layer to luminosity so only its lightness price gets handed via the first layer.

Another application of that is in case you need to do composites from unique RAW documents. You can open every RAW files as a Smart Object and positioned them in one file. You can then modify every RAW documents one at a time at the same time as still taking gain of Photoshop’s layer mixing modes.

I attempted this one among my very own images and although I can get the equal impact with simply one Camera RAW with clarity, it’s accurate to realize that I have alternatives and the added flexibility of unbiased multi RAW changes.
Multi-Raw Processing Technique In Photoshop Did you know that you can do multi-RAW processing through Camera Raw and Photoshop? It’s like using Lightroom, but with Layers. On top of that, you can go back into Camera RAW to reprocess the each RAW layer again and again.

Processing Multiple Images in Adobe Camera Raw
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