Useful Accessory: The HoldFast Camera Leash


I think if anything, this camera leash should be called the Quick Draw, because it allows you to keep your camera at bay and attached to you for a quick draw.

This leash is very useful and is fairly quick and easy to use. It’s stylish, especially the water buffalo, and most of all, well made.

Useful Accessory: The HoldFast Camera Leash

I suppose if anything, this digital camera leash need to be known as the Quick Draw, because it permits you to hold your digital camera at bay and attached to you for a quick draw. In reality, I did a whole on-place shoot session that lasted for 5 hours with best the HoldFast Camera Leash and a Capture Camera Clip for once I want to have it prepared on my side attached to my belt. Those two in combination is the remaining minimalist sporting aggregate even if you’re using a respectable length lens like a 24-70mm.The clamp at the other give up works like a crab claw and it does seem quite stable. You can apply it to any tripod ring mounts, consisting of HoldFast’s own Camera HoldFast. The BlackRapid Connect-R’s swivel connector that I use for my Custom SLR Split Strap might be more steady, but is less elegant. I’m pretty positive that HoldFast’s clamp will preserve securely, however I’m now not planning to swing around my camera round.

So how robust is it? Well, if you see the image above, it holds as a minimum 35 lbs simply fine. A Canon 5D mkIII or a Nikon D800 would live on just first-class as well.

Use and Comfort

So we understand it’s a well-made product, so how is it sense the use of it? Well, the only aspect that I word is that the way you loop it round your wrist, the load of your digital camera will tighten the leash around your wrist, so you virtually don’t want your digicam dangling freely for too long. Also, the leash is not that huge, so the load of your camera isn’t dispensed over a bigger place of your wrist. Due to that, it is better to think about this leash as more safety while you just need to maintain your camera without a neck strap or a sling strap.
If you do lose your grip for your digicam, which I did several instances, the leash does keep directly to the digicam quite nicely without any sign of breakage or tear. The thick leather-based truly provides to that safety and it is lengthy sufficient so that you can simply walk around when you have your camera on a belt strap like the Capture Camera Clip. Then, while you take it out of belt clip, you don’t ought to fear about by accident losing the camera within the process.


 So all in all, this leash may be very beneficial and within reason short and smooth to use. It’s fashionable, particularly the water buffalo, and maximum of all, properly made. The only caveat that it’s far at the extra pricey aspect for a highly easy, albeit beneficial, digicam leash.

You should purchase the HoldFast Camera Leash at their internet site.. The water buffalo leather-based is $fifty four.Ninety nine and the yankee bison leather-based is $64.Ninety nine.

I even have the HoldFast’s Money Maker to check also, so make certain you stay up for that one, also.

Useful Accessory: The HoldFast Camera Leash

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