Product Review: Clik Elite Volt Studio Light Backpack


Product Review: Clik Elite Volt Studio Light Backpack

The Clik Elite Volt studio lighting backpack might be not like some other images backpack in the market.

While there backpacks and instances that may keep strobes and light modifiers, however the Volt is the best one which you may convey as a backpack and also double as a transportable lighting fixtures stand. Yes it’s miles a massive backpack, but considering that Clik Elite tends to cater the adventure photographer who can be used to carrying a overnight hiking backpack, the dimensions and weight may be attainable.

The Specs

  • External Dimension: 28.3″H x 13″W x eleven.5″D seventy two x 33 x 29 cm
  • Camera Compartment: 24.4″H x eleven.Five″W x 7.5″D sixty two x 29 x 19 cm
  • Internal Storage: Front Pkt. = 13.8″H x nine.5″W x 3.Five″D (35 x 24 x 9 cm) Top Pkt. = three″H x 11.3″W x eight.Eight″D (7.6 x 28.6 x 22.2 cm)
  • Volume: 2200 cu in. 36.01 L
  • Weight: 11.35 lbs
  • Stand Height Extended: 48″
  • Will keep iPad: YES
  • Rain Fly: YES
  • Tripod Storage: YES

The Stand

The Volt, for the most part , has been properly idea out with regard its primary cause, that’s to save 1-2 strobe heads and battery and mount one light unto it. The aluminum body that holds the shoulder straps and lower back brace acts like a kickstand that permits the Volt to stand itself upright. You can open the kick stand to numerous specific angles.

In exercise, the stand works fairly nicely and is quite robust, especially when the use of the aspect assist leg stands that rotates outward from the bottom on each facets to help stabilize the backpack. Even once I use it as a stand with an Einstein strobe and a 22″ splendor dish on a sandy river shore, the Volt was strong.

Product Review: Clik Elite Volt Studio Light BackpackThe massive trouble that I have with the Volt is the lever that unlocks the kickstand. This all-metallic lever has rather sharp edges and if you’re no longer simply cautious, you can without difficulty reduce yourself. On pinnacle of that, the pinnacle cope with sits proper above it and in case you are in a rush, it’s easy to graze the kickstand lever.

Product Review: Clik Elite Volt Studio Light Backpack
The pinnacle half of the frame extends out to elevate the mild to approximately 4 feet. It isn’t genuinely that excessive, but you in case you buy a pole extension, like the Lowel Half Pole (18-30″), you could elevate the mild even better.

In truth, a pole like this ought to were blanketed. A bigger omission, however, is a mild stud adapter to mount a strobe. Instead, there is a ordinary tripod screw and a brief one at that. On the bright side, you can mount a ball head on it and use it as a tripod. What I’m afraid, although, is that this little screw can also finally ruin off when the usage of a larger modifier. As you can see underneath, I had to shop for an adapter to mount my Einstein.

Product Review: Clik Elite Volt Studio Light Backpack

The Storage

The Volt does a in reality top activity in phrases of getting adequate space for 1-2 strobes and a battery, plus add-ons, in addition to having quite a few wallet and storage spaces. The essential compartment zipper get right of entry to is under the pinnacle lid. The pinnacle lid has a massive pocket available from the outdoor that could hold a extensive sort of items within the mesh pockets, which include a full-frame digital camera frame and as much as a 20″ pop up reflector if you surely squueze one in.

Product Review: Clik Elite Volt Studio Light Backpack

What is pretty cool is that when you flip the lid open, there are greater zippered pockets that may keep such things as wi-fi triggers. There is also an extended zipper that allows you to get right of entry to the top lid’s essential compartment from the lower back-side. Pretty clever!

Product Review: Clik Elite Volt Studio Light BackpackOnce you turn over the top, you could pull down the main cover to reveal predominant garage in which your lights and/or DSLR is going. Initially, the partitions had been arranged to keep a full-frame DSLR and a 70-200mm f/2.Eight zoom lens, but for me, I alternatively use this area for my two Einsteins monolight, a Vagabond Mini battery p.C., a handful of clamps, an 8″ reflector, gaff tape, and the power cables. What’s exceptional is that Clik Elite provided a handy pouch bag for my cables. I am assured that you could suit a Profoto 7b and 1-2 Pro heads in here, too, in case you convey the modifiers one by one.

Product Review: Clik Elite Volt Studio Light Backpack

The the front facet of the Volt can also deliver pretty some accessories. Between the the front pocket and the primary cowl is area for as much as a medium-length tripod. If you need to carry a bigger tripod, you may put 1-2 legs on this space and steady the ultimate leg(s) over the front pocket. There are also deep pockets on either aspects for tripods or small mild stands.

Product Review: Clik Elite Volt Studio Light Backpack

The the front pocket has kind of the equal quantity of area because the pinnacle lid garage and might convey an iPad internal. For me, I managed to fit in the Einstein’s barndoor, grid, and color gel frames.
Product Review: Clik Elite Volt Studio Light Backpack

The Built Quality and Comfort

For the maximum element, the Volt is a nicely-idea-out backpack with a few definitely terrific cloth. The major compartment is semi-inflexible and has a totally pleasant, thick, and soft cloth fabric. The material and stitching ordinary are great. The body is tough and although heavy, must be consistent whilst used as a mild stand. You can, of route, overwhelm the bag even more with rocks if you want brought balance. The click latches are in reality a exceptional layout because the discharge is constructed into the bigger piece, making it easier to launch when carrying gloves.
Product Review: Clik Elite Volt Studio Light BackpackThe back brace and shoulder straps are fairly breathable, and even though you could be wearing a heavy load, when use together with the chest strap and the waist belt strap, you could be quite comfortable. One of my assistants who wore the backpack during a shoot within the woods stated that backpack became no heavier than his hiking backpack and he had no troubles with it. Of route, your mileage can also range.

My largest complaint with the constructed fine has been touched upon earlier with that sharp-edged kick stand release. I simply don’t adore it and in practice, it’s additionally not the perfect to use. It simply needs to be addressed.


Some of the obtrusive omission along with the light stud, but, confuses me. Maybe I by hook or by crook ended up with the package that doesn’t have one for some reason. Also, that darn lever calls for a few more attention when your hands are close by. The missing mild pole extension also limits its effectiveness as a committed light stand out of the container. But after having the backpack at some point of my shoot out within the woods, I sooner or later lean more in the direction of the four stars rating as opposed to the three celebrity score.

I think what can probable attract a bigger audience is if the Volt can have wheels connected to the lowest to make it right into a rolling bag for the instances that you’re only using it to carry your lighting in between studios and the automobile or in a extra urban landscape. I recognise, it’s a bit of a wishful thinking, however it’ll make it more adaptable.

At $382.50 in B&H, is the Volt worth getting? It will depend on the form of shooting you plan to do. For folks who needs studio lighting in a rugged vicinity, the Volt is pretty rattling splendid. But in case you only want to move light to and out of your automobile, this may be more than what you need and a rolling studio bag may be extra suitable.

Check the Volt on Amazon.

Clik Elite – Volt Clickstand Camera Backpack
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