5 Point Lighting Tutorial


I was handed this link to a brilliant video on 5 factor lighting these days and I desired to percentage that with you all nowadays.

The video itself is a promotional video for a studio video lighting kit, however the concepts that they speak about are great for each photographs and motion pictures.

I think that what I like about the video the maximum is that on account that they are doing a demo with hot lighting fixtures you can genuinely see the modifications in how the shadows and highlights appearance inside the given positions of every mild. I don’t recognise approximately you, however it in reality helps me apprehend the modifications in mild being able to see them pass like that. I think it’s miles too easy for more recent photographers to simply setup their lighting, take a check shot and say “that’s right”. Take the time to move lighting around, and be creative with your lights. In the give up it’ll help you grow more as a photographer, even in case your innovative lighting looks awful it enables you better apprehend light and that is the important thing to photography.

Checkout the video underneath.

5-point LED lighting set-up tutorial
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