Race Between Ferrari And Lamborghini

The race went wrong it was a street race between a lamborghini and a ferrari gone wrong that caused the accident. By the end of 1964 lamborghini had sold his first 13 cars.

Devel Sixteen Vs Lamborghini Veneno Vs Ferrari Laferrari At Monza Full C In 2020 Ferrari Laferrari Lamborghini Veneno Ferrari

The lamborghini huracan vs ferrari 458 spider in a drag race during the 2017 spring event organized by petrolhead event s.

Race between ferrari and lamborghini. Detained the driver wiyang lautner was detained after allegedly losing control over his super car and accidently hitting a middle aged couple and a street vendor waiter breaking their legs and even killing the man of the couple. In fact they couldn t be any more different for how closely their cars compete in more modern days. A ferrari 458 italia and a lamborghini aventador head to some deserted streets in saudi arabia to play.

For starters ferrari is 73 years old 17 years older than its rival lamborghini. The name had eventually changed to the 350 gt. After lamborghini brought competition to ferrari he decided to pursue other businesses and he became a very wealthy man before he was 50 years old.

Video includes revs accelerations rolling shots jo. Which one do you prefer. By the early 1960s lamborghini had become almost as powerful and wealthy as ferrari.

This age difference however isn t even the beginning of the two companies unique aspects.

Ferrari Laferrari Vs Lamborghini Centenario At Brigehampton Ferrari Laferrari Lamborghini Centenario Lamborghini

Ferrari Laferrari Cockpit Vs Lamborghini Centenario At Brigehampton In 2020 Ferrari Laferrari Lamborghini Centenario Ferrari

Lamborghini Sian Vs Ferrari Enzo At Highlands Ferrari Enzo Lamborghini Ferrari

Lamborghini V12 Vision Gt Ferrari Cars At Highlands In 2020 Ferrari Car Amazing Cars Ferrari

Lamborghini Centenario Vs Ferrari Sf90 Stradale At Highlands Lamborghini Centenario Ferrari Amazing Cars

Lamborghini Svj 63 Vs Ferrari Laferrari At Monza Full Course 1966 Youtube Ferrari Laferrari Ferrari Lamborghini

Ever Wondered Who Would Win In A Race Between A Lamborghini And A Ferrari Check Out This Video Ferrari Lamborghini Toy Car

Race Ferrari Vs Lamborghini Vs Porsche Vs Bugatti Vs Mclaren F1 Bugatti Ferrari Porsche

Ferrari F8 Tributo Vs Lamborghini Huracan Performante At Highlands Lamborghini Huracan Amazing Cars Lamborghini

Battle Ferrari Laferrari Vs Lamborghini Centenario Racing At Nurburgring Ferrari Laferrari Lamborghini Centenario Ferrari

Ferrari 488 Pista Tuned Vs Lamborghini Sian Fkp 37 At Monza Full Course In 2020 Ferrari 488 Lamborghini Ferrari

Lamborghini Veneno Vs Ferrari Sf90 Stradale Vs Lamborghini Centenario Vs Lamborghini Centenario Lamborghini Veneno Ferrari Laferrari

25th Lamborghini Countach Vs Ferrari 512 Tr Rolling Racing Lamborghini Countach Lamborghini Ferrari Testarossa

Lamborghini Sian Fkp 37 Vs Ferrari Enzo At Monza Full Course Ferrari Enzo Lamborghini Amazing Cars

Lamborghini Terzo Millenio Concept Vs Ferrari F80 Concept At Highlands Ferrari F80 Ferrari 288 Gto Ferrari Laferrari

Ferrari Laferrari Vs Lamborghini Sian At Highlands Ferrari Laferrari Lamborghini Ferrari

Lamborghini Aventador Sv Vs Ferrari 488 Gtb At Monza Road Course Ferrari 488 Ferrari Lamborghini Aventador

Lamborghini Veneno Vs Ferrari Laferrari Drag Race At Miseluk Ferrari Laferrari Lamborghini Veneno Ferrari

Pin By Wendel Magno On Virtua Sports Cars Lamborghini Huracan Ferrari Lamborghini

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