Is Ferrari Faster Than Lamborghini

When you compare the models it is clear that the aventador svj is better than the 812 superfast in almost every category. So the conclusion is very dependent on which car.

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In general lamborghinis are faster than ferraris.

Is ferrari faster than lamborghini. It depends on the models you are comparing but generally speaking lamborghini is faster. Lambo is quicker around the track then the f430. Ferrari has 1mph top speed faster than lambo.

If the ferrari is labeled a higher speed than the lamborghini but has a lower horsepower than the lamborghini then you are going to get to speed much slower. The ferrari 812 superfast has a top speed of 211 along with the ability to jump from zero to 60 in just 2 9 seconds. You do have to consider the price though.

Lamborghini s fastest production car yet is the aventador which has a v12 engine with 750 horsepower a top speed of 217 and can go from zero to sixty two in 2 8 seconds. What is faster a ferrari or a lamborghini. Porsche has 3mph slower top speed than ferrari f430 but accelerates about 0 4 seconds quicker than.

The ferrari is faster by 3 mph. Lamborghinis are designed as 4 wheel drive and are therefore considerably heavier than their ferrari counterparts. However once to speed you will be able to go faster than the other.

As such there is a difference in their tops speeds with some of the ferrari models being faster than the lamborghini models due to being lighter. The stig drove the ferrari f430 and lamborghini gallardo and they got the exact same lap. Is a lamborghini faster than a.

Overall however the two makes are relatively equally matched when it comes to speed. And while the quality of both cars is beyond denying the question of who actually in the end makes faster supercars is still a valid one. The lamborghini aventador svj tops out at a maximum speed of 217 miles per hour while the 812 can only get to 211 and accelerates slightly slower than the lamborghini.

Ferrari enzo has a 4mph higher top speed than the lamborghini murcielago same accelerations and handling. Today both ferrari and lamborghini make spine chillingly fast supercars aimed at the most ambitious sports car fanatics.

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